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Mighty Mug Get's Shot

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Mighty Mug Get's Shot

Over the summer we've had a lot of enthusiastic and entertaining people review the Mighty Mug. It seems a lot of folks really want to push this baby to its limits! Mighty Mug was filmed getting hit with a baseball bat and stabbed with a knife among other things. This weekend, a hilarious group from 3 Minute BoxJ ob really pushed Mighty Mug's boundaries. After introducing the newest member of their trio, the guys over at 3 Minute Box Job proceeded to unbox and review one of our plastic Mighty Mug tumblers. The first time they tried knocking it over, the mug seemed to fall with ease. My guess is the table they were using is porous (Mighty Mug requires a flat surface, i.e most desks). The guys were impressed that the mug works as advertised. But it wasn't until they took Mighty Mug outside that it really blew their minds. One reviewer proceeded to shoot Mighty Mug at point blank range with a pistol... but IT DIDN'T FALL. The mug was able to remain gripped and stand tall in the face of a bullet going 1,700 m.p.h. "Now that's mighty." Even we're impressed by this amazing functionality, and even more impressed by the clever and out-of-the-box reviews (pun intended) from amazed and satisfied customers. Keep 'em coming! You can check out all of their crazy videos here. Be Mighty,
Founder,Mighty Mug

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