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AED 149.00

Ugears - Bike VM-02 - 189 Parts - 3D Wooden Puzzle - Mechanical Model - UGR-70051

Ugears - Bike VM-02 - 189 Parts - 3D Wooden Puzzle - Mechanical Model - UGR-70051

AED 149.00
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    UGEARS creates eye-catching and imaginative self-propelled wooden mechanical model kits that can be assembled without glue. Their designs are inspired by real-life mechanisms and embody love of art and ingenuity. UGEARS believes that building these beautiful working models should be a fun, engaging and rewarding experience for the whole family.

    In this world of video games and virtual reality, people still get excited when they find creative and fulfilling ways to use their hands. UGEARS fuels this excitement and gives individuals and families the opportunity to come together through the joy of hands-on modeling.

    The Bike VM-02 is driven by a powerful rubber band motor that makes the motorcycle ride for as much as 3 meters in one winding. The energy produced by the motor is transmitted by a belt drive to the mechanism. The design of the Bike allows you to observe the work of the mechanism, including the moving pistons that look absolutely fascinating.

    The wide back wheel ensures that the model is steady and won’t tip over and turning handlebars send your bike in whatever direction you choose making your ride even more exciting.

    When you reached your final destination and it is time to park your motorcycle, use a center stand to set the model on the shelf.

    Graceful and bold, your new model carries the true spirit of the road. The combination of a high-tech exterior and eco-friendly materials make the model a welcome gift to a friend or a business partner. Detailed realistic design ensures that the model will become a wonderful complement to any home or office.

    A motorcycle has never been merely a means of transportation; it’s always been and will forever represent a challenge, speed, and true freedom. Create the spirit of the road with your own hands. Hold on to your handlebars and breathe in the smell of highway with the new Bike Model from Ugears.

    The Bike VM-02 model kit is made of sustainably sourced high grade wood and has everything you might need for assembly. The quality of the parts is top-notch: a laser method is used for cutting items from a plywood board that provides precise hairline cuts. The details have to be pulled out of the boards and assembled to create a complete model. Like all other Ugears models, the Bike comes with step-by-step, full-color, truly easy to follow instructions in 11 languages (Ukrainian, English, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Chinese and Korean) and requires neither glue nor special tools to be fully assembled into functional working Bike.

    • TYPE OF PRODUCT - Self-propelled mechanical wooden models
    • EDUCATIONAL - Perfect for family projects through hands-on STEM learning
    • ASSEMBLY - No glue and special tools are needed
    • ECO-FRIENDLY - Uses wood materials
    • MECHANICAL - The models produce motion without electricity.
    • MATERIAL - Plywood
    • MODEL SIZE - 10.1 x 3.3 x 4.1 in (25.8 ? 8.4 ? 10.5 cm)
    • PACKAGING SIZE - 14.6 x 6.7 x 1.2 in (37 ?17 ? 3 cm)
    • NUMBER OF COMPONENTS - 189 parts
    • WARNING: Not suitable for children under 14 years
    • CAUTION: Contains sharp parts
    • MADE IN: Ukraine

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